Begin with the End in Mind
Lockwood Goal Plan

Your Goals. Your Plan.

What do you care about? Where are you headed? The fundamental purpose of Financial Planning is to help you use, manage, and direct your resources towards what matters most.

We focus our energy on the process of planning instead of obsessing over the assumptions. We call this Reality Based Planning. No two people have the same goals and values, so we help you craft a framework for making a lifetime of smart financial decisions.

Financial Planning

Get Acquainted

We want to first get to know you on a personal level. Our goal is to find out your “why” in retirement. We want to make sure we understand your values and align your financial plan to achieve your grand vision.


We believe in reality based-planning. We help you gain control over your household finances with a system that  prioritizes your goals. We subscribe to multi-year strategic planning to minimize taxes over the course of your lifetime. We know the plan will change, but we want to give you a flight pattern towards a successful and meaningful retirement.


We will help you organize  your current assets and prioritize them to help you reach your grand vision. We then leverage cutting-edge technology to help illuminate a path toward your goals.


We put your plan into motion. We follow a prudent process to help you implement your plan. We then stress test that plan to see how it would have performed in a variety of market conditions. This can help relieve some of the anxiety that can come with the thought of retirement.


We use this time to review your plan and discover any changes that may arise during the course of your life. We want to make sure you are still in alignment with the original plan.


Even the best plan will turn out to be a fictional narrative about the future. This is why we actively review and make minor changes to your plan. We want to make sure it keeps up with the changes in your life.