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Our focus is not on timing the movements of the market, but rather on crafting long-term plans to meet your goals.

When it comes to investing, your chief enemy is likely to be yourself. As humans, we are biologically wired to be poor investors of our own money. Knowing when to act, and when not to act is the most important facet of managing an investment portfolio.

A proactive and disciplined investment process is imperative to ensuring you capture market returns over the course of your lifetime.

Satellite Investment Approach

Evidence-Based Investing

We believe that having a system and process in place is paramount to the beginning of any investing strategy. We have put together our system that takes into account a client’s risk tolerance, reality-based financial plan, and desired outcome to develop your specific portfolio.

We subscribe to decades of research performed by Nobel Laureates, not the latest news flash from talking heads on TV.

Your portfolio design utilizes a satellite investment approach that keeps cost low. We select asset classes that are representative of the overall market, and this serves as your core.

As you can see in the diagram, the satellite investments are more like a solar system. They are orbiting around the core.

The satellite investments can be considered shorter-term, tactical ideas. These ideas can be held for a longer term in the correct market environment, but the goal is for a more active holding period. We consider the market environment and countries around the world to choose our satellite investments.  We make sure they are limited to a reasonable number that can be monitored on a regular basis

By leveraging the research of financial analysts, we can interpret the research of your satellites by studying both the technical and fundamental aspects of each investment. This process allows a more laser-focused approach to the satellites and lets the index do what it does best by capturing broad-based market returns. We can take a less subjective and more systematic approach to investing, an approach that we can continue to replicate year after year. This approach and process should give you confidence even in challenging market environments.